Sunday, 20 January 2013

Drawing Challenge ROUND TWO: Draw yourself in your favourite video game

Weeee Round 2 babäääm :)) Topic was "Draw yourself in your favourite videogame". Still not first naaaawrr!!!

 So yeah me in BALDUR'S GATE as a ranger! I first thought of doing some retro nintendo stuff because i used to be such a Gameboy kid, but then i remembered what an OUTRAGEOUS amount of time i spent running around in the woods of these game, beating up hobgoblins and gnolls and whatnot. Seriously a LOT of time.......xDD

(and i like how my character looks like "Thats right bitches these woods are MINE!! muharharhar)


  1. Awwwwww <3 Sooo schön. Ganz besonders gefallen mir die winterlichen Farben...

  2. love love love!!!:)

  3. ah, I like it!!! setzte mich demnächst auch mal an meins x) in den Ferien können wir dann richtig abgehen mit unseren challenges :DD