Sunday, 23 June 2013

WE NEED MORE jam part two

hey guys! back from the game jam, tired but happy :) The Game Jam was a game design workshop hosted by InnoGames in Hamburg. The concept was pretty simple: you basically have 44h to create a game. No restrictions, no other rules. Free drinks&snacks plus Sushi on the house. Wow X))

I'm a bit too groogy now to write a long coherent text but Dimi, one of our designers already has a cool post about it that you can check out here if you like!

edit: hahaaa so Jelena beat me to it, she was like 2 minutes quicker with her part 2 jam review X)
Lookey here!! :D

So i threw together some stuff that i did for our game.

  final background :) made it much simpler than the original concept, but i really like how it turned out considering the (little) amount of time i had.

mock-up of the bg and some game objects that i did and a little character dummy. 
we called him Bob. 

 concept sketch dump, throwing things around in painter as usual.

 There are some things missing (like the bg effect from my previous post) that didn't make it into this version because there wasn't enough time, yaddayadda i still like the result X)  And just the experience to work together on a project like this in a team of programmers, game designers, illustrators totally made it worthwhile.


also this happened. i figured it was the sugar+caffeine minus the sleep X)

EDIT: now with extra photos!! =))

 This is where the magic happened.


A lot of concentration, hard work and cake.

The team. =)


Pretty neighbourhood. With gamma radiation. 


game jam!!

Game Design workshop......only too more hours til the presentation....spannuuuuuuuung!! i'll soon have more to show you (hopefully); until then enjoy psychedelic mindfuck backgrounds that jelena and me did....XDDD

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Drawing Challenge round 8: Draw yourself as a superhero =DD

Finally a supernerdy challenge again =D Had so many ideas for this one; i love low-key vigilante type superheroes like the the Crimson Bolt and Boltie from Super (or like Jelenas awesome character) , but then again i also love grandiose spacy-wacy stuff like Ms Marvel or Starfire. So in the end i went with that idea, because it's just the most fun to draw :) 
So here she is dunDunDUUUNN Silversparkle!!!! I swear half the fun in designing a superhero is coming up with those stupid names. XDDD Her power is manipulating dark matter because yeah space n stuff. And to add to the superscience-ridiculousness i coloured the dark matter purple and black X))

(But seriously...did you know that our universe is made up of approximately 80 percent dark matter? Just the idea that 80 percent of basically everything is invisible is so weird. o__O)

Friday, 7 June 2013

Ada! Doctor Who! Twilight! all in one post! xD

more portrait practice, a few hours in painter. Again while i should be working on other things ahem.. ....but i promise, i will post some sketches and stuff soon from the project i'm working on right now :))

Ada from the Doctor Who ep "The Crimson Horror".  It would have been just a nice episode (funny how they made the whole thing look like the 1994 Kenneth Branagh Frankenstein X) ); what made it stand out for me was Ada. Such a cool character! i instantly fell in love with her. Her creepy-pretty Lady Frankenstein outfit and the eyes of course were great, but i especially liked how they wrote her character. Genuinely kind and compassionate, but at the same time i loved how uncomfortably violent and angry they made her. X)) I was also talking with a friend about the ep and we instantly thought how awesome it would be if she would become a companion at some point.....

Speaking of interesting companions, I was intially pretty disappointed with the newer episodes, a lot of the plots just felt like a rehash from earlier seasons, everything felt kind of empty with no real development. And i'm sorry i was really ready to like her, but Clara is just such a bore. I don't hate her, Jenna Louise Coleman is fine as an actress but her character seemed to have no memorable character traits apart from being the plucky young earth-girl assistant (yeah because we haven't seen that before XDD). And for a long time her character arc seemed to go nowhere, even after having seen the season finale i'm not really sure where the writers are taking

On the plus side: Mme Vastra+Jenny! Strax! Bowler hats! All of the River feelings all over again! \(T∇T)/     Some incredibly beautiful cinematography in a lot of episodes, especially the lighting. A fantastic season finale despite the Clara boredom X))

Btw, just started watching the new Twilight Rifftrax...omg you wouldn't think it was possible but they somehow managed to put more mumbled half-sentences, more weird acting devoid of any emotion whatsoever, more unlikable characters, more bizarre/ yucky plot developments in one movie. oh and i forgot, the most horrifying abomination of a CGI baby you will ever see on screen. Be very very afraid...Also gay vampire book club (>y<)

Monday, 3 June 2013

painting practice

splashing stuff around in painter, though i should be working on other things.....eeeep so excited for The Dark World!   \( ・ω・)/