Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Not dead plus Adventure Time Girls *v*

No i'm not dead! ;)  I haven't been very active because i've been running around with a repetetive strain injury in my drawing hand since comic camp. I was pretty heartbroken about it because i don't really know how to keep my hands still, i'm so used to drawing all the time....
But right now i'm not really in the mood for complaining, i'm so pumped for the Iron Man 3 premiere today! Also superduper excited about the new Thor trailer and all that Marvel Phase 2 stuff coming up, I CANT WAIT *W*  
(also an idea for a possible future book project that i've been having for a looong time now finally took shape today, yay me!! :DD) 

So anyway, at the moment i can only do digital stuff because working on a tablet is much easier on my wrist.
I still am experimenting and exploring a lot of things in Painter, trying to get comfortable with all those different brushes and settings. so i started doing some Adventure Time style fanart of random favourite characters, Marceline the Vampire Queen, Sailor Mars and Loki's girl avatar because badass fur coat is badass. And boobs. X)))