Thursday, 17 January 2013

Drawing Challenge ROUND ONE: Draw yourself as a Disney princess

Yay new project! A few friends from school and me had the glorious idea to start a drawing challenge thingie (ahem ok so it was mostly my idea *cough* ). The first theme we chose together was "Draw yourself as a Disney princess". YEAH

First round and also first time i did something blog worthy in Painter tadaa. I started taking a Corel Painter class this semester and it was really weird at the beginning because i used to be such a huge Photoshop geek. Painter is really awesome and overwhelming and gimmicky at the beginning and I still feel like i don't know WHAT THE HELL i'm doing in this program but i still like it a lot nevertheless :)) 

Of course every self respecting princess has to have an animal companion and mine is OF COURSE a fat plushy ferret. Ok well, so i look nothing like that, but i definitely had way too much fun with this. And with the research mwarararar....  
Disney, what gives? Why the hell isn't Megara an official Princess? And Esmeralda..and Alice...and come on Giselle? She's like the pure concentrate of all the princessy-ness that has come before her...i am disappoint!
  And now that you basically own..ahem..everything just consider the possibilities Disney!! Just make Leia an official princess too while you're at it...and Rogue....and Loki...X)) Um yea where was i ...??


This was a fun round, next theme gets chosen by Jelena because she was first with her post. 


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  1. I love dat nose >v<
    and YEAH! I BRING IT ON xD