Monday, 29 July 2013


So this is what i'm actually "supposed" to be working on nehehee X))
A retelling/reinterpretation of the russian fairytale Snegurotscka, the Snow Maiden or Schneeflöckchen in german. I wasn't really sure for the longest time in which direction i wanted it
to take, style and storytelling-wise.

There are many different versions of Snegurotschkas story; sometimes she is the daughter of Jack Frost and the Spring fairy, sometimes she is just a little snow child that came alive (sorta like Pinocchio). In all of the versions, she dies/melts at the end, because the sungod takes her or she gets to close to a fire or something along the lines of that.

Since there are some many different variations, i'm thinking of writing my own text for it at the moment. We'll see..  


Concepts, sketchdump whatevs...x)) i still like the Icecastle a whole lot.

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