Sunday, 23 June 2013

WE NEED MORE jam part two

hey guys! back from the game jam, tired but happy :) The Game Jam was a game design workshop hosted by InnoGames in Hamburg. The concept was pretty simple: you basically have 44h to create a game. No restrictions, no other rules. Free drinks&snacks plus Sushi on the house. Wow X))

I'm a bit too groogy now to write a long coherent text but Dimi, one of our designers already has a cool post about it that you can check out here if you like!

edit: hahaaa so Jelena beat me to it, she was like 2 minutes quicker with her part 2 jam review X)
Lookey here!! :D

So i threw together some stuff that i did for our game.

  final background :) made it much simpler than the original concept, but i really like how it turned out considering the (little) amount of time i had.

mock-up of the bg and some game objects that i did and a little character dummy. 
we called him Bob. 

 concept sketch dump, throwing things around in painter as usual.

 There are some things missing (like the bg effect from my previous post) that didn't make it into this version because there wasn't enough time, yaddayadda i still like the result X)  And just the experience to work together on a project like this in a team of programmers, game designers, illustrators totally made it worthwhile.


also this happened. i figured it was the sugar+caffeine minus the sleep X)

EDIT: now with extra photos!! =))

 This is where the magic happened.


A lot of concentration, hard work and cake.

The team. =)


Pretty neighbourhood. With gamma radiation. 


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